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Headache case study – Daily migraines.

Daily migraines

Headache case study – daily migraines.


Two weeks ago we started a new patient that was complaining of daily migraine headaches. She stated these headaches had been going on for more than a month. This patient that I will call Mary had been to two other doctors and to the ER when the headaches became severe. She was prescribed several medications ranging from Motrin to muscle relaxers. She was also prescribed Valium and Topiramate (an anti seizure medication that made her dizzy and caused tingling in her hands and feet). These medications “knocked her out and allowed her to sleep” but the headache would return the next day. Mary described these headaches as feeling like her head was in a vice. She had light sensitivity and would regularly get sick to her stomach.


Examination showed a substantial fixation in her upper cervical (neck) area of her spine. She also had positive findings for nerve irritation. X-rays revealed subluxation (malposition) of the C2 vertebrae in the upper neck. These are common findings for both muscle tension and migraine headaches. Her medical doctor looked at none of these things.


I put Mary on a three time a week treatment regiment for two weeks at which time we would re-evaluate her condition. Treatment consisted of chiropractic adjustment followed by ultrasound to the upper cervical region of her spine.


Outcome: Mary has been headache free following her second treatment and has remained so to present. As expected. Call Today!!


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