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Neck pain and stiffness


Neck pain and stiffness treatment in Virginia Beach.

Imagine holding a bowling ball in your out stretched hand for hours at a time, believe me it would Neck painget heavy and your arm would get very tired and sore. Sitting for hours at a computer looking down can have similar effects on the neck. The average human head weighs about 9 lbs. This can put quit a lot of strain on the neck over the coarse of the day.

The good news is that we are very well designed with plenty of musculature to support and maintain proper neck posture. The bad news is I don’t believe we were meant to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Of coarse many other things can cause neck pain. Any type of prolonged over use can aggravate the neck. Even laying on the sofa with the head at a bad angle for long periods of time can produce neck pain.

All this being said, if our neck is at its best structurally and mechanically our ability to put stress on our neck without causing pain greatly improves. This structural and mechanical part is were the chiropractor comes in to play. We find and isolate neck issues that lead to pain.   Most mechanical and structural conditions of the neck are do to trauma.

Trauma can come in many forms. An old auto accident, sports injury or slip and fall can all cause chronic mechanical problems with the spine. These conditions in later years become the foundation of arthritis. Repetitive over use and heavy manual labor can also produce these glitches.

Chiropractors find specific areas in the spine that are causing issues and treat them accordingly.   Once the spine is restore to good structure the pain should relieve. Proper exercise, stretching, rest and nutrition, as well as setting up an ergonomic work environment go a long way to preventing the return of neck pain. At New Life Chiropractic we reduce the pain and educate our patients on how to keep the pain away. Call Today 757-222-0910ergonomic desk

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Doctor Mike Geheren and his staff have been freeing people from pain in his clinic in Virginia Beach since 1996. As a Chiropractor with experience, Dr. Mike Geheren is committed to promoting optimal health and well being of his patients.

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