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Rotator Cuff Pain


Rotator cuff pain treatments in Virginia Beach

What is the rotator cuff?

One of the most common sources of pain in the shoulder area is caused by trauma to the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff or “SITS” muscles are made up of the: supraspinatus, teres minor, infraspinatus and subscapularus. These four muscles surround the scapula in the back and attach to the top back side of the humerus (upper arm). These muscles are heavily involved in most shoulder movements.

Common injuries that cause pain in the rotator cuff.

Many things can aggravate or injure the rotator muscles. A fall on an outstretched arm, overuse, impingement, stress and strain (primarily in the elderly). Degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis can contribute. Most conditions are do to overuse and not just a single event. There are three recognized grades of rotator cuff injury. Grade 1 is minor pain and weakness. Grade 2 is moderate impairment and disability. Grade 3 is severe progressive shoulder pain with limited range of motion. It is not uncommon for a grade 1 to progress to a grade 3.

Symptoms of a rotator cuff problem.

This condition is recognized by painful or painless weakness in the arm and shoulder. Pain can be felt in the neck and shoulder and is usually worse at night. Range of motion or the ability to move the shoulder is greatly reduced. The arm just feels very weak and sore. Any pressure on the involved muscles can cause pain. The amount of weakness often correlates directly to the amount of tearing within the cuff.

Natural treatment for a rotator cuff injury.

Healing can occur naturally when the torn edges stay in close contact. Any gaps will be filled with scar tissue that can produce problems in the future. Patients that receive steroid injections are more likely to develop tears. Malpostion of the shoulder, cervical spine, or scapula as well as arthritis can produce symptoms similar to rotator cuff injuries.


Treatment goals are to relieve pain, and to restore strength and full range of motion as well as to prevent recurrence. During the acute phase we immobilize with a sling to promote healing, icing and ultrasound therapy are also performed. The next phase is to start transverse friction massage, passive range of motion, interferential therapy and light chiropractic manipulation all done to restore range of motion and reduce pain. If you are suffering with shoulder pain call New Life Chiropractic today. 757-222-0910

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