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Shoulder pain – case study.

shoulder pain

Shoulder pain case study:


William (Bill) a 54 year old physically fit male came to my office in July of 2014. Bill complained of a constant dull, stiff ache running from his neck to his right shoulder and upper arm. He could feel pain in both the front and back of his shoulder. Bill also said that this pain becomes sharp with any lifting including his mourning cup of coffee. The pain became worse at night making sleep difficult. Bill was in his seventh week of pain.


Bill was unsure as to the onset. He did a lot of home improvement, gardening and is an avid golfer. He also stated a history of similar pain though not as severe. It has been getting worse.

medical treatment

Bill was treated by his MD with drug therapy. He was given 800 mg Motrin to be taken four times a day and muscle relaxers to be taken at bedtime. The meds allowed Bill to get better sleep but did very little to reduce the pain. At this point he was referred to an Orthopedic MD who sent him to get an MRI and then to physical therapy. The MRI showed only mild degeneration of the shoulder joint. Therapy consisted of stretching and trigger point work both of which increased the pain substantially.

chiropractic treatment

In our office we completed a neck, upper back and shoulder exam. X-rays of the neck and upper back were also taken. Our findings indicated fixation and nerve irritation in the area of C5 to C7. The patient also showed shoulder restricted movement primarily flexion. The Patient was put on a treatment plan of neck and shoulder adjustments and ultrasound therapy. The patient was 90% improve by the third treatment and was back at pain free full activity within 6 treatments. This patient is continuing at two treatments a month for 3 months. Call Us!!


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Doctor Mike Geheren and his staff have been freeing people from pain in his clinic in Virginia Beach since 1996. As a Chiropractor with experience, Dr. Mike Geheren is committed to promoting optimal health and well being of his patients.

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