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Chiropractic treatment for whiplash (auto accident)

treatment for whiplashChiropractic treatment for whiplash in Virginia Beach.

Getting checked by a chiropractor is very important following a trauma to the back and neck. Any time we are in an accident we get a snapping injury to the tendons and ligaments of the spine commonly referred to as a “whiplash” injury.

Whiplash is a neck injury that can occur during rear-end automobile collisions, when your head suddenly moves backward and then forward — similar to the motion of someone cracking a whip. These extreme motions push your neck muscles and ligaments beyond their normal range of motion.

The traditional medical treatment for this condition has been muscle relaxers, pain killers and often times a brace to immobilize the neck.  This is ok but does nothing to prevent long term problems. In fact the scar tissue and adhesion’s are often worse do to the neck brace.

These injuries heal on their own, but unfortunately you are left with scar tissue and adhesion’s that over time become arthritic and cause premature degeneration and chronic pain and stiffness.   Chiropractors treat these areas and keep the joints mobile during healing which reduces the pain and hopefully reduces the chances of long term problems. We at New Life Chiropractic of Virginia Beach are happy to do a free consultation to explain in more detail the benefits of chiropractic treatment for whiplash  following a trauma. Call today 222-0910

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